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Who is this book for? B2B SMEs.

B2B SMEs: the acronyms keep it clear and simple: We have developed this book for Small and Medium Enterprises who do business to business sales. If you’re looking for practical beginners’ advice on Social Media Marketing, leading to advanced business integration and measurable success, then this book is for you. Consumer businesses and individuals will also find a lot of useful information in these pages as there are some similarities regardless of your market. What we’ve seen, however, is the real lack of solid business-to-business guidance in Social Media Marketing. So this book was written with you in mind. Nearly everyone has heard of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the likes. Some have joined eagerly and enjoyed the results, while the vast majority have either been reluctant (seeing this as a ‘fad’) or have ‘tried’ only to find things were not as easy as they had hoped, hitting such stumbling blocks as:
  • Unable to see how to utilise these great marketing tools.
  • Unsure how or where to start.
  • I went to a seminar and it all sounded great but now I find myself lost in all the information.
  • The feeling that there are too many options and distractions to be efficiently successful.
  • Finding that it took up far too much time for precious few results.
  • Signed up for various accounts but quickly became unsure of what to do next, what to write, who to follow etc.
  • Not sure how to separate personal accounts and feeds from Business.
These are just a few of the issues that we have heard small business owners raise and desperately search for answers on. We have made it our ambition to answer these questions.

How do I get the customized learning I need for my business?

Our commitment to you is to provide a platform for on-going and increasingly customized information. By purchasing this Social Media Marketing E-Book, you are also getting 1 years access to our blog and forum, where you will be able to interact with other readers and ourselves, comparing notes and getting questions answered.

How do I stay up-to-date with the trends?

In addition to 1 years access to our Social Media Marketing blog and forum, when you purchase this book, you’ll be activating a 1-year subscription to any additions or updates we make to the book. We have a great book for you now, but it’s also a work-in-progress. We’re continually finding better ways to do Social Media, and the industry is constantly changing. We’d be delivering a poor industry product if we just wrote something and let it stay the way it is. That might work in some industries, but information can get old fast when dealing with the Internet. So our commitment to you is to provide access to our updates for 1 year from your purchase date. A Brief Introduction of the Authors:This book was written by Brian Hatano and Terry Charters. Terry is owner and director of Robinsons IT Ltd in the U.K. He realized the need for a book like this when clients began to ask him about how to use Social Media Marketing in their business. Brian is sole proprietor of Hatano Online, providing marketing and Internet services to companies in Japan. He also is a intercultural communication and language trainer for corporate clients and government organizations. As business owners ourselves we appreciate how precious time is and the need to be able to make every minute count and the need to be able to see and monitor the results of any marketing strategy.

I’d like to see a sample of the book before I buy

It is only natural to want to see some content of a book prior to buying. How else do we know that it will meet our expectations? You can see a small sample here where you will get a preview of the book which literally takes you from ‘How to sign up with Social Networks’ and on to content creation, time management and monitoring results.





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